Thanks to all my lovely clients who had become friends after the photo sessions,

Thank you for your words, appreciations and comments,

they are the most wonderful and priceless gifts  + encouragement to Hugo’s Studio.


“★★★★★ Hi Hugo,

Just a quick note to let you know just how much we appreciate the service that you have provided for us on our Wedding.

Your work is AMAZING HUGO!!! With just the few photos you have released so far, we are in ore… Your photography skills are undoubtedly amazing and so glad we had you for the wedding day…

Following the photos we just saw the release of the wedding highlight that you have posted. Our families have been memorized by it and to be honest a few have kept it on repeat lol. You captured all the right moments and just added your extra touch to it and brought back all those memories that we never want to lose. When I first watched the highlights I was in tears, happy tears that is, I didn’t have the chance to see my husband get ready with his family and just seeing my last dance with my dad brought all those additional tears. In saying this you have definitely built up the anticipation to see the full length video. 

I often think to myself that you wait and wait until the day you get married and this day comes goes just like that, but what you do is incredible because you allow us to hold on to those memories through vision and bring all those emotions back.

I don’t think we can thank you enough for your tireless effort that day. We will forever remember you and recommend you to the world…….. 

Truly appreciate you Hugo and your crew. Absolutely recommend you to anyone that is looking for a photographer and videographer for their big day. Can honestly say you won’t be disappointed.


Kindest regards,

 Joanna and Taniela Taufa 4th October 2014″

– Joanna & Taniela | 11.11.2014 | Bride & Groom 04.10.2014


★★★★★ Hugo photography did us the honor of capturing our special day. On the 3rd of may 2014 we celebrated our marriage, I couldn’t think or ask for a better photographers to share this day with it was just simply amazing. The service they provide is both professional and friendly. Throughout the night hugo photography had captured some previous memories for us and even with such little time for photos in between the church and reception every shot looked fabulous. From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank you so much for everything you did for us on our wedding day and there’s not a day that goes by that we aren’t thankful of your talent when we look around our house and see or beautiful wedding photos. I would highly recommend HUGO PHOTOGRAPHY for any special occasion and I’m sure it will not be the last you will sure with us. Melissa & Jason

– Mr & Mrs Jason Cross | 07.10.2014 | Bride & Groom 04.05.2014


“Pure dedication !

From the moment we met Hugo, we knew he was the one who will be our photographer.
his vision and approach brought us to our attention.
and his work won us over.
Unfortunately we had a heavy rain on our pre wedding photo shoot day @ La Perouse.
Hugo did offer to reschedule for better weather.however we decided to go ahead with it
anyway and Hugo went along with it and produced some of the amazing shots in the rain.
Extremely Polite, Patient and understanding.
Hugo turned up earlier than agreed time on our wedding day and started to capture each and every moment.
over all we are very impressed with the service he provided and would recommend highly.
Thanks again Hugo and apologies for late feedback. I am sure we will cross path again in the future celebrations.
Phyu and Sein – 7th June 2014 “

– Mr & Mrs Soe | 04.11.2014 | Bride & Groom 07.06.2014


★★★★★ I really can not speak more highly of Hugo and his team of amazing photographers and videographers. They were so warm, friendly, professional, and just a joy to have there with us on our day. And then we received the photo’s and video, and I could not have dreamed of a better result. So many people have asked for your details and I proudly hand them over. You guys really captured the emotion and atmosphere of the day and whenever I watch the video or look at the photo’s I will be forever grateful. I wish you guys all the very best in the future! Sometimes I even wish I could do it all again just to work with you again! Haha. My best wishes, Rosa & Cato

-Rosa Taateo Kolseth | 31.07.2014 | Bride & Groom 30.04.2014


“I was a bridesmaid at the wedding where Hugo was the photographer, him and his team was excellent ! He was there on time, gave great directions to the bridal party and was also lots of fun during the whole day from start to finish ! He really connected with the bridal party which made the day even more fantastic! Can’t wait to see the images! 🙂 thanks Hugo!”

-Alice Ng | 21.09.2014 | Bridesmaid 20.09.2014


“Hugo was the photographer for my sister’s wedding on the weekend, and was an absolute pleasure to work with. He gave great direction and instructions, and was really energetic and enthusiastic for the whole day. It was heaps of fun having you there Hugo, can’t wait to see the photos :)”

-Meagan Satkunarajah | 21.09.2014 | Bridesmaid 20.09.2014



“Thanks for everything Hugo! Professional, dedicated & passionate. You are a gem!”

“I have watched the video. Its soooo great!! Thanks hugo! Its not easy to make a good highlight as we all were so shy on that day….Haha! But you made it!! Well done! “

-Jess Lam | 10.09.2014 | Bride-to-be


“Did our wedding on only a weeks notice. Was very professional, friendly and understanding. Produced a high energy level the whole day which kept us wanting to take more photos. We thank you very much for making our day more special with your photography.”

-Alex Campbell | 01.02.2014 | Groom of wedding day 31.01.2014


“Hi Hugo,
Just wanted to say thank you again for the photography you did for Nathan and I on Sunday.
 I was extremely nervous but you were great at making everything feel relaxed and comfortable.
 We can’t wait to see the photos.”

-Melissa & Nathan | 20.Jan.2014 | Engagement session Clients


“Hi Hugo, thanks so much for being our and especially Isaac ‘s 1st birthday photographer. We thank you deep down from our heart and your family’s presence are such a blessing for us.” 

-Stanley & Kathy Lau | 04.01.2014 | Parents of 1 year old birthday day boy Isaac


“Thanks Hugo! We love having you as a photographer and friend, so much fun.”

-Mona Elsharkawy | 14.Jan.2014 | Engagement session Clients


“I’ve only met Hugo on the photoshoot day however I felt like we’ve been friends for a long time. My fiance is also very happy on the day. He made photoshooting session easy for us, thanks to his friendly nature yet professional manner. I’d highly recommend him to anyone who has not known him before, ‘coz I know they will be so happy with their photos, as we are. Thanks Hugo!”

-Hannah & Paul | 30.Nov.2013 | Engagement session Clients


“Beautiful pics Hugo Chen Hugo PhotographySamantha Lu!!!! You guys are just AMAZING!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Giovannie Generoso Aranas & Tami Aranas xo”

“Thank you Hugo & Samantha for being our wedding photographers. I couldn’t have asked for 2 of the nicest people I’ve ever met! Both of you are just amazing, you guys capture the most intimate moments that no one else could. You guys are so kind & down to earth. You both made us feel very comfortable, had a lot of patience & I thank you for that! I can’t wait to see more!!!! Much love from Mr & Mrs Aranas xo”

-Tami & Giovannie Aranas | 31.Oct.2013 | Wedding session Clients


“Dear Hugo & Vincent:

Big thx to Hugo & Vincent! Thanks for being our pre-wedding photographer and camera man! You guys were really talented & sweet and made both of us don’t feel nervous at all. We have looked at the photos without editing and they look already perfect since you are so good at capturing the natural moments! I feel so glad that we decided to fly to Sydney for pre-wedding shooting. I will recommend both of you for all my friends! Can’t wait to see the final work! Your hard-working and efforts are greatly appreciated!”

-Ella & Lawrence | 30.Oct.2013 | Pre-Wedding Session Clients


“Thanks Hugo Photography for being such an awesome photographer!”

-Jenny & Jason Cheung | 30.Oct.2013 | Wedding session Clients


“We ask Hugo to take our family shots every year for Christmas, knowing Hugo photographer would always capture the special moment very well. They never failed us, in fact, all photos turn out to be exactly what we have expected. These are the special moment I will cherish forever in my life. Thanks again, Hugo photographer;) we wish ur business go well in future.”

-Sherry Lam | 24.Oct.2013 | Family session Clients


“Hi Hugo Chen, I had a hard time searching for proper words to express my gratitude.

You are truely talented. One can easily find passion, love & beauty in your photos (that was the reason I chose you in the first place..lol…).

Each one of your photo is a piece of art. Like I said, you are patient yet quick in capturing the most natural & precious moments.

The day me & Lok spent with you on pre wedding shooting is soooo belssed. We had a great time.

The full day photo shooting was much easier than I thought. We were tired but not exhausted, cos we were so excited and happy.

I will for sure recommend you to all my firends. Actually, I think most of them have already admired your work by now .

P.S. dont get me started on your super driving skills…lol….

in one word: THANK YOU, Hugo! Now I can’t wait to have you on my wedding day…”

-Ivy Ming Ma & Wai Lok | 12.10.2013 | Pre-Wedding Session Clients


“Thank you Hugo and honestly I couldn’t find a better photographer. You just the best 😀 I love your work and you have a beautiful personality.. Love Bzy and Narges “

-Narges & Bzy | 21.09.2013 | Wedding Session Clients


“Hey Hugo how are you? Thank you so much for everything! The photos are absolutely beautiful, everyone loves them! We cannot wait to see the rest.  “

-Jessica & Camren, the Dimech | 17.08.2013 | Wedding Session Clients


“Hi Hugo thank you so much for everthing and it was great havin gyou guys as part of our day. You were all great.”

-Bojana & Aaran | 10.08.2013 | Wedding Session Clients


“Your are fantastic Hugo, thank you so much. I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos. The photos on facebook are beautiful. Thank you so much again, that’s so kind of you. Your work is impeccable. I was looking at your wedding photos online, Gorgeous gorgeous. Thank you Hugo, you have remarkable talent. “

-Mona & Marcelle | 05.07.2013 | Engagement Session Clients

“Hey mate thanks so much for everything. We appreciate it so much Hugo, thank you. I will be giving your number out to others that are getting married in the future, and yes we will definitely do that – not a problem. Once again, thank you… Regards “

-Georga & Fabian | 06.07.2013 | Wedding Session Clients


“Hi Hugo, thanks so much for your photos from our engagement and wedding date. Alex and I are amazed by your passion and talent. We enjoy looking at the photos and recalling the happy moments “

-Maggie & Alex, the Tung | 08.04.2013 | Wedding Session Clients

“Thanks for all your help Hugo 🙂 We would like to thank you for the photos we have seen so far 🙂 They are beautiful. I have submitted a rate on ABIA for you, all done!!!” -Nina

-Nina & Warren, the Dargan | 24.Mar.2013 | Wedding Session Clients



“Hi Hugo! Yes we are officially friends hehe. Thank you so so much for taking our photos and doing them so beautifully. We had so many comments at our reception about how much of a joy you are. I wish we had another big occasion just so we can work with you again…so much fun! I can’t wait to see the rest of our photos. Thanks again Hugo”

“Hi Hugo Thanks for the photos you have uploaded, they look incredible!!! Anh say hello back. Right now we are elaying in bed in saigon just waking up. Thank you so much for all the amazing things you have done for us and we cant wait to see the rest!” -Ben

-Anh & Ben, the Hamliton | 04.Apr.2013 | Wedding Session Clients


“No one can beat your passion in what u do! so keep up the good work!” -Martha

“Thks for ur hard work!  -Martha”

-D’makeupstation | 26.Oct.2012 | Bridal Makeup & Wedding Planning Specialist


“A big thank you to Hugo photography!!. Hugo Chen you are amazing ! We can’t thank you enough , we couldn’t have chosen a better person to capture our dream. You were professional, you were very patient and you worked well with others. You have an amazing vision with every shot and you are a true artist. Not only were you there as our photographer, you were with us celebrating as family. Much love from Katrina and I.” -Daniel

Hugo Chen you are a talented photographer! Can’t wait to see the rest! You keep teasing us! ;)” -Katrina

“Hugo , you are a gentleman and I truly love you as a brother. Mark my words,  you have a lot of work coming your way ;)” -Daniel

-Katrina & Daniel | 18.Feb.2013 | Wedding Session Clients


 “Your work has taken my breath away.. Love the sets. props. the colours. the girls, and your all round style! Inspired Thankyou!! X” -Rhiia

-Rhiia Rose | 25.Jan.2013 | Facebook friend *& Fan


“We all loved the photos, Little Ajay is so cute and handsome, should be on advertisement ! Lol thank you once again , will be in touch for another session when he is older!!” -Mabel

-Mabel Moulton | 19.Jan.2013 | Baby Session Client


“A truly beautiful photo captured by Hugo Chen thank you so much I love this photo for anyone considering a photographer for any event don’t go past Hugo Chen he comes highly recommended from the doyle and Janine Teremoana Paul family’s” -Colleen

“Thank you Hugo to be our photographer last night you are amazing”  -Colleen

“Our photographer Hugo Chen we can’t thank you enough, we will always recommend you”  -Colleen

-Colleen Michelle Doyle, mum of the bride | 24.Feb.2013 | Family of the new-wedded


“Add “Hugo Chen” as friend. He is my photographer. All the pics in an album under my name on his Facebook :p”

“Looking forward to receiving more pics…” -Serena

“Thank you Hugo!! I can’t believe I had that beautiful smile :)” -Serena

-Serena & William, the Huangs | 30.Jan.2013 | Wedding Session Clients


“Thank you so much for the photo.They are very beautiful especially the one I am sitting inside the car.It is a perfect photo. Many friends and my brother love your photos. They are all believe that you will be successful in future. All the best.” -Rosalinda & Ronald

“Thank you so much, Hugo! Love your photos so much. See u in Serena’s wedding.” -Rosalinda

“Thanks, Hugo! The most beautiful thing is that I also have such a caring and nice friends around me including a male bridesmaid and photographer.” -Rosalinda

-Rosalinda & Ronald, the Lims | 18.Feb.2013 | Wedding Session Clients


 “As a wedding planner, I have worked with many photographers and I highly recommend Hugo for his professionalism as well as his unique and modern style of photography. He will make sure that you feel really special and enjoy every moment which definitely shows in the final product!” -SyChung 

-EVENT MC | 23.Dec.2012 | Wedding Planning Supplier


“Hugo’s photos caught the precious moment of my family life, and this is the photographer that i will definitely refer to my friends. I absolutely LOVE his photos!  –Sherry”

-Sherry Lam | 29.Nov.2012 | Family session Clients


“Such an amazing photographer! Not just taking nice photos, but capturing the moments!
Full of fun, full of joy, full of laugh, full of warm, full of love!!!” -Winnie, Tim & Claire Xu

-Winnie & Tim & Princess Claire Xu | 04.Jan.2013 | Family session Clients


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